Bournemouth Nightlife Will Not Disappoint

by Seb

bournemouth-nightlifeWhen traveling to Bournemouth, you want to have the best experience possible. I can only make it up there a few times a year myself. So I try to spend as much time in the best locations every night I have to party there. Sure, there’s loads to do in Bournemouth during the day. But it’s nothing compared to the unique experience that each of their nightlife clubs, restaurants, and bars can provide.

Oldest Student Union Locations In The UK

Whether you’re a local, or a tourist, you know the party’s where the college kids are. Bournemouth is unique in that is holds some of the oldest student union bars and music rooms. At just one of these four locations, you’ll be able to meat young, interesting locals. Plus, the music isn’t bad either. If your more into conversation, and don’t like live music blaring over it like me, you’ll probably prefer one of their bars. Both types of venues serve alcohol.


If you’re looking for a stylish club that isn’t too racy, this one’s perfect for you. This spot manages to capture the essence of glamour without losing its taste. Contemporary, yet glittery pretty much defines this dance hub. I love how the techno music’s blared to accompany the hyper, and highly modern atmosphere.

As a cocktail lover, this club is definitely worth visiting again. Whether you’re looking for an Apple Teenie, bloody marry, or a cosmo, the expert bar tenders have you covered. It’s simply impossible to stump them. I order a different drink every time I’m there.

A Boys Night Out

Bar(ME)’s perfect for when you’re just with the guys. I wouldn’t recommend bringing your girlfriend here, as there are some very attractive ladies ready to entertain you through pole dancing. Ice fights are a fun, unique staple that can’t really be found in a lot of other clubs. I always make sure to check when the next one is before visiting again! If you dont want to clean up after your party simply call the company with the best  cleaning services in Bournemouth has to offer…that would be us by the way 🙂

Funk, Soul, Disco

If you’re ready for a blast from the past in a chick, super stylish location, you’ll love Le Chick. Le Chick has all of your favorite soul and funk jams playing all night. You won’t have to feel awkward about getting up on the dance floor. Everyone in this club is always partying and dancing themselves to death. If you’re looking for an energetic scene, you can’t go wrong with this club.


Halo’s interesting because it’s the only bar located in town that happens to be apart of building that used to be a church. If you don’t feel awkward about getting drunk in a location that used to be a place of god, you may enjoy this great location.

Bring A Good Attitude And You’ll Have A Good Time

You may not have enough time on your hands to visit all these locations. Usually when I’m down in Bournemouth I can only muster up the energy for a couple of these hot spots. Keep a good attitude and come ready to party. It’s the only way to make the most of the nightlife you’re able to visit.