Choosing the Perfect Domestic Cleaning Company Is Simple

by Seb

People hire a domestic cleaning company for a variety of reasons. A cleaning company can help a working single mom who cannot juggle with the daily cleaning, a career, and family tasks. Or, a person might consider choosing a domestic cleaning company to get through a one-time job such as a cleanup in order to sell the family home.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a cleaning company is that no service company has a standard package that will fit your needs without some customization. The best domestic cleaning company can assess what you need and customize a service agreement to fit. Let’s look at some other things to consider when choosing a domestic cleaning company to fit your needs.

ls the cleaning company you are choosing licensed and bonded? Licensing and bonding have nothing to do with the quality of a domestic cleaning company provider, but they have plenty to do with protecting you. Licensing is the permission from the state or regional authority for a domestic cleaning company to do business in your area.

Bonding is the insurance that a domestic cleaning company carries to protect you in the event of theft or damage to your property. For example, if an employee from the domestic cleaning company cases and robs your house, you will be reimbursed for the damages. Likewise, if the employee breaks your wide-screen television, it will be replaced. Too much can go wrong to take chances with choosing a domestic cleaning company that is not licensed and bonded.

Try to find out if the cleaning company you are choosing has its employees. There is a difference between the domestic cleaning service that hires subcontractors and one with permanent staff. If a domestic cleaning service you are choosing cares about its brand, they will usually invest in the training of their employees. This would not be the case when the actual providers are subcontractors.

In the latter case, the domestic cleaning service has no control as to the degree or lack of training received by the providers. Another problem with subcontractors is that there is very little ability for the contracting domestic cleaning service to conduct criminal background checks.

You need to analyze exactly what needs to be done before choosing. Also, make sure you know beforehand what you are willing to pay for the domestic cleaning service. The domestic cleaning service you are choosing should be flexible enough that it can customize the service agreement to give you exactly what you need at the best price.

It is even better if the domestic cleaning service is flexible to the extent that it allows you to provide your preferred cleaning materials. Otherwise, the cleaning service should be able to provide its cleaning supplies.

What procedure does the domestic cleaning company have for choosing substitute employees? If a service provider of the domestic cleaning service gets sick or injured and cannot show up, can a replacement be quickly provided? Maybe it is important to you that the same employee is sent by the domestic cleaning service for each visit so you would want to ask this question. Having the same employee at each scheduled cleaning is important because it will keep you from having to leave detailed instructions each time. Also consider what procedure the company has if their employee gets injured on the job.

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