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 The Most Surprising Benefits of Hiring Portsmouth Cleaners for Domestic Cleaning Jobs 

When dealing with common household cleaning, domestic services offered by Portsmouth cleaners can give you the peace of mind you need when all the most problematic tasks seem to pile up. Tired of dealing with messy carpets, laundry, dirty appliances and stained upholstery? Now you have a much easier task in managing all your household chores with the help of the best cleaning services Portsmouth has to offer.  

The Convenience of Hiring Portsmouth Cleaners  

Hiring local cleaners is always your best bet when it comes to ensuring the best quality and bringing in the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners to complete all necessary domestic cleaning tasks. At Total Clean Solutions (TCS) we can comply with all your demands, whether you’re looking for Portsmouth dry cleaners, carpet cleaning services, office cleaning or just a convenient maid service to take care of common household cleaning tasks.  

As in the case of our office or end of tenancy cleaning solutions, with the help of our domestic cleaning services you can sit back and relax while the professionals take care of all the work for you. Instead of worrying about dirty laundry and messy carpets, you can relax after work, take care of your children, enjoy a fun evening with family and friends, or finish important tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks.  

Portsmouth cleaners from TCS will conveniently complete some of the work you dread the most, and they can do it at a time when you feel any disruption can be minimized, so the cleaners will never end up bothering your family.

The Professional Cleaning Company That Puts Your Demands First


We’re your local Portsmouth cleaners
We are an independent, local domestic cleaning company. We are committed to our customers and to being the best Portsmouth cleaning service.


Healthier Cleaning
At TotalClean, we use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for cleaning and dusting. These cloths are a great environmentally friendly healthy alternative to cleaning with chemicals. 

1st Class Customer Service
We listen to your cleaning concerns & needs and promptly respond to them.

We custom clean your home
Whether you are concerned about allergies, or you prefer green home cleaning, TotalClean offers house cleaning options that meet your needs.

Trust & Protection
We check employment references and conduct extensive background checks on our team members / maids before we hire them. We carry liability insurance to protect against breakage and/or theft.

Flexible Scheduling & No Contracts
There are no Service Contracts to sign. You may cancel your service at any time. 

A Clean Home at YOUR Fingertips

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Long Term and Practical Benefits  

With the help of a reliable local cleaning company, Portsmouth residents can enjoy fast, reliable and 100% safe cleaning solutions that will protect their home, their health, just as well as their carpets and furniture. Here are just a few of the practical benefits that sets our technicians apart from all other Portsmouth cleaners:  

·         We offer a completely streamlined and convenient cleaning process that never requires the homeowner to be present. Our technicians will complete all the work so you can focus on your family, lifestyle and career goals.

·         Unlike other cleaning companies Portsmouth is home to, we have experienced and qualified domestic cleaning experts who specialize in the work they perform.

·         We have the #1 customer service in the local area. If you have a problem, we guarantee that our customer service representatives will come up with a viable and practical solution in record time.

·         At TCS we offer completely customized and personalized cleaning services. Whether you are worried about green cleaning or allergens, our technicians will take your input into account and adapt their approach to suit your needs.

·         Our domestic cleaning services can be adapted to any schedule. You only have to specify the days and the time you’d like our workers to arrive at your place, and they will never disappoint you.

·         You never have to sign any service contracts as in the case of dealing with other Portsmouth cleaners. When it comes to our cleaning service, you have complete freedom and flexibility to suspend or cancel your service at any time. There is no need to buy or provide cleaning equipment or cleaning agents. Our expert technicians will come equipped with everything they need in order to get your home shining

Joanne, Portsmouth
When you have a large (and growing!) family we like do, it goes without saying your home gets messy very quickly. After moving to Portsmouth a little over a year ago, we thought we’d try out TotalClean Solutions, a local cleaning company recommended by a friend. We were immediately impressed. Not only was our home incredibly clean after they were through, every staff member we met was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They are always willing to work around our busy schedule. We still use TotalClean Solutions to this day and recommend them to anyone else looking for a home cleaner.
Total Clean Solutions
Date published: 26/06/2017
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars


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Surprising Health Benefits You Should Know About  

When it comes to domestic cleaning, Portsmouth has a lot of services that offer high quality cleaning and competitive prices. However, our company is one of the very few Portsmouth cleaners that can guarantee healthy cleaning through the use of the highest quality microfibre cloths for dusting and cleaning. We never use harmful chemicals, and our technicians are trained and specialize to put the health and safety of their customers first.  

Such an approach can eliminate pesky dust mites and allergens. Frequently having our cleaning technicians dust, mop and vacuum your house will also prevent bacteria that can cause irritation and infections, reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction, and effectively prevent breathing problems.  

Some of the more surprising health benefits that our Portsmouth cleaners can offer also include lower stress levels, improved concentration and even better anger management. Just imagine growing your plants, having a cup of calming tea or setting up your yoga mat in a clean, tranquil living area where you don’t constantly feel threatened by dirt and grime. It’s an entirely different way of approaching your day-to-day activities!  

Moreover, a clutter-free home that doesn’t present you with the same tiresome challenges every day will give you a better chance to keep your life organized, avoid unsanitary eating, and even feel upbeat enough to keep up with your workout goals and shed unwanted calories more quickly.  

Reliability and Affordable Offers  

Finally, there is also the matter of how much hiring the best Portsmouth cleaners will cost you. Unlike in the case of other cities, Portsmouth can provide you with some of the most dependable and professional local cleaning companies and services that have policies oriented solely towards the client’s benefit. At TCS, we make sure that this fact is true when it comes to each and every one of our valued customers.  

The process of hiring our expert technicians is extremely simple:  

1.      All you have to do is choose a day and time when you’d prefer your cleaning professional to show up.

2.      Our certified cleaners will arrive at the designated location to get to work.

3.      They will handle every item on your housework to-do list, including dishwashing, laundry, organising, hoovering, dusting and taking the rubbish out.

4.      You can take your mind off of all domestic cleaning tasks and focus on more pressing matters instead.

5.      Our prices are better and more flexible than any other offer you’ll come across from Portsmouth cleaners.   We’d also like to mention that, at Total Clean, we rigorously vet all our cleaning technicians to ensure you are only provided with the best and safest cleaning staff you can come across. Identity checks, in-person interviews and comprehensive testing will give you the chance to choose only the most trustworthy and reliable Portsmouth cleaners, who will exceed your expectations in every domestic cleaning task they manage.

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