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The Importance of Considering End of Tenancy Cleaning – Southampton Solutions for Profitable Real Estate  

When dealing with end of tenancy cleaning, Southampton tenants and landlords may consider that it’s enough to just clean the place up themselves, or hire a cheap maid service for the job. However, in most cases the task at hand is much more complicated than it seems, and you might need a lot more help than you’d even imagine.  

At TotalClean we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive Southampton end of tenancy cleaning service will help you manage your property more easily, or ensure that you’ll get a safe return on your deposit, when you’re nearing the end of your tenancy period.

Tenant vs. Property Owner – Who Gets to Clean the House?  

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, Southampton experts recommend that you be aware from the start when you’re the one responsible for the cleaning work. If you are a tenant, most contracts will include a paragraph stating that you are to return the property in the same condition as the first day you moved in. This means you may have to do a thorough cleaning job, and the best way to approach the issue is by hiring a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company such as ours.  

On the other hand, as the landlord, purchasing a new residential property, renovating a home in the interest of finding new tenants for it, or having a tenant walk out on you may require you to complete the task yourself. So the responsibility in this case falls on you to hire a reputable cleaning company, get all the details in order, and get all the work finished before you lease the property out.



We’re your local Southampton cleaners
We are an independent, local domestic cleaning company. We are committed to our customers and to being the best Southampton cleaning service.


Healthier Cleaning
At TotalClean, we use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for cleaning and dusting. These cloths are a great environmentally friendly healthy alternative to cleaning with chemicals. 

1st Class Customer Service
We listen to your cleaning concerns & needs and promptly respond to them.

We custom clean your home
Whether you are concerned about allergies, or you prefer green home cleaning, TotalClean offers house cleaning options that meet your needs.

Trust & Protection
We check employment references and conduct extensive background checks on our team members / maids before we hire them. We carry liability insurance to protect against breakage and/or theft.

Flexible Scheduling & No Contracts
There are no Service Contracts to sign. You may cancel your service at any time. 

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Hiring the Right End of Tenancy Service  

When contacting companies dealing with end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton, you have to make sure you get all the benefits that a professional service would offer. This means the service in question has to be trustworthy, reliable, capable of doing a thorough job, able to bring in more cleaning technicians if the work demands extra labor, and capable of communicating as efficiently as possible when an issue needs to be resolved.  

At TotalClean Solutions we make sure all our clients are completely satisfied with the Southampton end of tenancy cleaning solutions we have to offer. We have a comprehensive list of services that include wall and window cleaning, bathroom cleaning tasks, as well as hardwood flooring and carpet cleaning services. All windows and window frames will be cleaned, as well as kitchen and bathroom surfaces, heavy and light appliances, bedroom, hallway and lounge areas, balconies, and more.  

We also make sure our turnaround times are excellent when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, Southampton reviews from many of our satisfied customers being able to confirm that fact.  

The Process: Total Clean Solutions for End of Tenancy Cleaning  

So you decided to book for end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton. After completing the online booking process, our cleaners will arrive at your house or apartment precisely at the date and time when you need them, and they will conduct a one off cleaning session to bring the property in question back to its original condition.  

Right from the moment our end of tenancy cleaning experts arrive, they will be cheerful, active and open to lighthearted communication. They will let you know precisely what the cleaning process entails, and they’ll put the safety of your property and belongings first.  

The work will be completed on time – or even sooner, in some cases – and you never have to worry about damage to your rugs and floors, or any leftover stains and debris. If you’re not satisfied with our services for end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton, we’ll go back and do it all over again at no extra charge. If you’re still unable to recommend our services to your friends or family after that, we will refund your money in full!

Joanne, Southampton
When you have a large (and growing!) family we like do, it goes without saying your home gets messy very quickly. After moving to Southampton a little over a year ago, we thought we’d try out TotalClean Solutions, a local cleaning company recommended by a friend. We were immediately impressed. Not only was our home incredibly clean after they were through, every staff member we met was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They are always willing to work around our busy schedule. We still use TotalClean Solutions to this day and recommend them to anyone else looking for a home cleaner.
Total Clean Solutions
Date published: 24/05/2017
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars


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The Advantages of a Professional Cleaning Service  

At TotalClean you can choose whether you just need common domestic cleaning services, or a more comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service. Should you opt for the latter, we can bring you the benefits that only the top end of tenancy cleaning professionals in England are capable of delivering:  

·         You can choose to hire a professional service for end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton, such as ours even at a short notice. We can handle tight deadlines, and our cleaning technicians are used to doing an excellent job even under pressure.

·         Unlike most affordable services available on the market, TotalClean will offer you the same standards that some of the top landlords in Southampton would demand. Our cleaning specialists are used to comprehensive restaurant and office cleaning tasks, and can employ the same attention to detail and use the same advanced equipment that would make a restaurant or office space completely spotless.

·         Do you want to make sure your tenants are healthy, and increase your real estate profits in the process? Choose our services for end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton, and you can enjoy healthier cleaning with the use of non-toxic cleaning solutions and approaches that don’t even require any cleaning formulas.

·         Finally, we go through a lot before allowing any of our prospective workers into your home. Our thorough background checks, reference checks and an advantageous liability insurance will convince you that TotalClean Solutions is the safest end of tenancy cleaning service in Southampton.  

Affordable Costs and Flexible Cleaning Schedules  

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, Southampton tenants prefer to make sure the services involved are not too costly. After all, what’s the use of getting your deposit back if you just have to spend it on cleaning costs?  

Our company offers some of the most competitive prices for one-bedroom to three-bedroom flats or houses, and we never charge extra at the end of the session. Also, our offers are flexible, so you only pay for the specific services that you actually need.   Finally, when dealing with end of tenancy cleaning in Southampton, our cleaning professionals at TotalClean Solutions can arrive at your home at any date you want, and you can cancel your service at any time without having to deal with inconvenient contracts.

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