TotalClean: Top Estate Agents Cleaning in Bournemouth

Several years have passed since our company started providing estate agents cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas, and we quickly became one of the leading enterprises providing such services in our county.

Why Are Our Services Necessary?

Well, if you are an estate agent, you certainly know why. When potential buyers come to visit a flat or a house, the first impression they get is essential. You certainly want it to look good, to be bright clean and sanitized, otherwise you will hardly get any success.

This is why you need a professional cleaning company to take care of this difficult job. And, keep in mind that, not only one thorough cleaning is necessary, but also maintenance cleaning. It is a widely used practice among real estate agents to have properties cleaned-up every week. This way, no matter when clients happen to come, they will be left with a great impression.

Why TotalClean?

TotalClean is one of the top cleaning contractors in the county of Dorset, among other services, providing high-quality estate agents cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole and the whole surrounding area.

One of the main reasons to choose us is that we always use advanced technologies to ensure the best results. Take, for instance, steam cleaning: you can hardly find a better way of cleaning carpets and not just superficially, but removing profound dust and dirt particles.

Our innovative window washing technologies leave no spots and streaks and efficiently remove any kind of dirt, even by using special razor blades, if necessary. Our staff is highly trained and they all have experience in estate agents cleaning in Bournemouth area, so they know exactly what to do.

We are flexible enough to meet any schedule and deadline. And, last but not least, we offer affordable solutions. We always talk to our clients and try to find options that fit their allocated budgets. Cleaning is important, no doubt about it, but it does not have to empty your pockets.

What We Do?

TotalClean offers a wide range of services, covering just about any cleaning related issues. This includes:

  • Sweeping and washing floors and stairways;
  • In-depth cleaning of carpets, using the innovative and effective steam cleaning technology;
  • Wall and ceiling washing;
  • Washing and polishing windows, in and out, along with their frames and sills;
  • Dusting and cleaning furniture on the outside and inside;
  • Cleaning and sanitising wall tiles, fittings and fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens.

These are our basic services related to estate agents cleaning in Bournemouth, but, on demand, we may provide many additional ones, like cleaning ovens and hobs, defrosting and cleaning refrigerators and freezers, clearance and removal services and much more. Obviously, additional services mean additional costs, but we always find the most convenient solutions.

As mentioned above, we deal with both one-off and regular maintenance cleaning, all these for your property to look attractive to any potential client. Keep in mind that clean homes sell better. Contact us to get the best services for estate agents cleaning in Bournemouth.