Fridge Cleaning Tips to Help You with Your Move in/ Move out Cleaning Checklist

by Seb

Moving house often tops the list of the most stressful experiences people have in their life. However, more than moving, the accompanied cleaning often belongs to the most loathsome tasks people need to do. After long weeks of laborious moving preparation, you are exhausted and left with no energy to spare since finishing the relocation process.

Why Cleaning Your Home before Moving Out is Necessary?

Why do you need to clean your home before you move out? You probably think you can just leave things like that since you will be moving and won’t be coming back, right? You will want to clean your apartment or home ensuring it is in top condition if you want to get your security deposit back. Also, you need your home in its top condition if you want it to be desirable in the eyes of potential buyers.

You would also want to clean your new home before you move in, right? No matter how impatient or exhausted you are, you would still take time and effort to clean your old home before you move out and your new home before you move in. Fortunately, you got here some tips that will help moving out and moving in cleaning a little easier and stress-free than before, particularly in cleaning your fridge.

Tips for Cleaning Your Fridge before Moving In or Out 

If you cannot decide how to clean your fridge before moving out, here are some tips to ease your worry. Your first concern probably is removal companies transport unplugged fridges, right? Some removal services don’t some provide them in short distances. Either way, you want your fridge empty and clean before transport.

Schedule Cleaning at a Convenient Time

Make sure that in cleaning your fridge you have it scheduled at the most convenient time. If the travel time in transporting your fridge is more than couple of hours, you need to defrost it first. Otherwise, the melted frost will end up damaging the appliance’s inner workings.

Stop Grocery Shopping and Eat As Much Perishables before Moving

If possible, a week or two before your move stop grocery shopping and eat your perishables, slowly and as much as you can. This way, you will have lesser amount of perishables that could go to waste once you unplug your fridge. You need this done soon to fully de-frost your fridge for safe transport.

Defrosting Your Fridge before Scheduled Move

Defrosting is best if done overnight as it will take more than couple of hours for your fridge to be completely frost-free. Make sure power is off and the appliance’s unplugged. Empty the fridge, taking out all items while checking which you can save and tossing which you can’t. Remove detachable shelves and out towels inside refrigerator to secure any puddles.

When morning comes, remove collected water before proceeding to clean the entire fridge using mild soap and water.  When the fridge is clean, wipe to dry. Keep its door open for at least an hour. When everything is dry, return the shelves to their place. Now your fridge is ready for transport. If you want a complete moving out/moving in cleaning service, you can check out