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Finding the Right Service for Convenient Office Cleaning – Southampton Cleaning Solutions from TotalClean  

When it comes to dealing with office cleaning, Southampton experts will usually recommend that you outsource your janitorial tasks to a reliable and efficient cleaning service. Not only will you save a lot of time and money in the process, but your office space will be spotless, and your staff and customers will feel far more comfortable than before.  

Unlike most Southampton office cleaning services, our experts at TotalClean Solutions take their work extremely seriously. We employ only the best cleaning solutions to brighten up your commercial space, and we can even eliminate dirt, stains, old marks and smelly odours when the commercial property you want to clean hasn’t been managed for a long time.  

Who Can Benefit from Our Office Cleaning Services?  

At TotalClean we have cleaning professionals specializing in office cleaning, Southampton businesses rating our company as one of the top most efficient local commercial cleaning services.  

Aside from businesses looking to have their office space cleaned, we also cater to the needs of local Southampton restaurants, schools, shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, churches and health care offices. Our staff uses the most advanced cleaning equipment to ensure the highest standards are met when cleaning any of these spaces, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with the results.  

As one of our clients you don’t have to limit yourself to our services for office cleaning in Southampton. Maybe you also have a need of professional carpet cleaning, or you and your staff would like to hire a maid for high quality domestic cleaning. Why spend a lot of time cleaning your own home, when you can hire the same affordable, high quality cleaning services to take care of everything for you?

Even home and business owners who have several real estate properties can benefit from the expertise of our cleaning technicians, since we have one of the fastest and most efficient end of tenancy cleaning services on the local market.

The Professional Cleaning Company That Puts Your Demands First


We’re your local Southampton cleaners
We are an independent, local cleaning company. We are committed to our customers and to being the best Southampton cleaning service.


Healthier Cleaning
At TotalClean, we use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for cleaning and dusting. These cloths are a great environmentally friendly healthy alternative to cleaning with chemicals. 

1st Class Customer Service
We listen to your cleaning concerns & needs and promptly respond to them.

We custom clean your office
Whether you are concerned about allergies, or you prefer green cleaning, TotalClean offers office cleaning options that meet your needs.


Trust & Protection
We check employment references and conduct extensive background checks on our team members / maids before we hire them. We carry liability insurance to protect against breakage and/or theft.

Flexible Scheduling & No Contracts
There are no Service Contracts to sign. You may cancel your service at any time. 

A Clean Office at YOUR Fingertips


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Reliable Staff and Cleaning Technicians  

When it comes to hiring a service that specializes in advanced office cleaning in Southampton, you’ve come to the right place. At TotalClean we have the most important asset that any Southampton commercial cleaning companies can have: an invaluably dependable and efficient cleaning and support staff.  

Our knowledgeable experts can present you with the complete details of our cleaning options and give you unique solutions no other service can provide. Also, our screening process when hiring our cleaners is extremely thorough. We check and double check our candidates’ background and references, making sure that they’re experienced and trustworthy enough to be part of the TotalClean team.

As Southampton office cleaning reviews will show, our company’s technicians have an outstanding track record, and are constantly rated 5/5 by past clients. When you hire them for any job related to office cleaning, Southampton cleaning technicians from our service will be at your office in no time, and they’ll finish even the most demanding cleaning tasks in record time.  

Specific Services for Your Business  

One of the benefits that sets us apart from any other office cleaning service in Southampton is that we can tailor our services according to your needs. Whether you have a small office where all you need is someone to keep things tidy, or you need to keep up with the highest standards for your restaurant or clinic, our company will help you out. We offer our clients the following services:  

·         With general office cleaning, Southampton business owners can rest assured that their offices, kitchen spaces and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned. We also ensure floor mopping, hoovering, organizing, dusting and deep cleaning services that will keep your office space healthy for a longer time.

·         Cleaning services for schools include high volume janitorial work and complete cleaning solutions to keep everything from desks and chairs to windows, bathrooms and office areas clean for teachers and students to use.

·         We can also offer excellent support for large office cleaning, Southampton craft-oriented businesses, as well as food services. Restaurants and food places are some of the most challenging to clean because of the constant mess and the high probability for germ infestation. However, our experienced Southampton office and restaurant cleaning experts will definitely be up to the task.

When you have a large (and growing!) family we like do, it goes without saying your home gets messy very quickly. After moving to Southampton a little over a year ago, we thought we’d try out TotalClean Solutions, a local cleaning company recommended by a friend. We were immediately impressed. Not only was our home incredibly clean after they were through, every staff member we met was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They are always willing to work around our busy schedule. We still use TotalClean Solutions to this day and recommend them to anyone else looking for a home cleaner.
Total Clean Solutions
Date published: 26/06/2017
5 ***** / 5 ***** stars


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Health and Safety First  

Healthy cleaning practices are essential if you want your office to not only look great, but also to make you feel great. Without the tiny allergens that hinder your breathing, you and your staff will feel much healthier, not to mention more productive. Also, our services for office cleaning in Southampton use only the most effective and non-obstructive equipment, as well as cleaning formulas that will not introduce any undesirable, unnatural cleaning chemicals into your office environment.  

Are you worried about janitors and maids damaging your property or even stealing from your office? If this has happened in the past, you can say goodbye to any such unwanted happenings. At TotalClean Solutions, our cleaning staff is vetted and insured, so that theft and any consequences resulting from accidental damage will never hinder you.  

Book a Service for Your Company Today  

Stress, fatigue, discomfort and all the other problems resulting from an untidy, dirty or disorganized workplace will be taken out of the picture with our services geared for complete office cleaning in Southampton. Our experts at TotalClean will provide you with a thorough and customized clean up job that you can book at your convenience using our online website.  

By simply accessing our online form, you can enter all the necessary details pertaining to your office and cleaning requirements. Our staff will promptly review everything you need, and cleaning technicians will be dispatched at the correct time each day you need our help.   Whether you’re interested in a one off cleaning session, where you just need our office cleaning expertise once or twice per year, or you require regular maintenance and office cleaning, Southampton representatives from our company are your best possible option for a complete, affordable, fast and thorough office, school or restaurant cleaning job that will keep your staff and visitors in awe.

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